Which is Better: Almond Milk or Grass-Fed, Organic Milk?

Ever wondered which type of milk is better? Almond milk or cow’s milk? How about organic, grass-fed milk? Learn more about which is better here!

Which is better? Almond milk vs cows milk

Milk from nuts.

It sounds… well, nuts!

Forgoing anymore nutty puns (sorry, couldn’t help myself), chances are you’ve seen the massive marketing campaigns companies like Silk and Almond Breeze have undertaken, over recent years. For people who have lactose intolerance issues, almond milk has been a Godsend! However, for the majority of us…

Which is better? Almond milk or cow’s milk?

Is almond milk really superior, or is it just a clever marketing gimmick?

What are the Benefits of Almond Milk?

In addition to the fact that almond milk doesn’t have lactose, the troublesome component that causes some people serious gastrointestinal distress, here are the other benefits of almond milk.

  • almond milk orchardLower in Calories – Unsweetened almond milk is significantly lower in calories than regular milk. (109 calories for 1 cup of low-fat cow’s milk vs. 39 calories for 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk.)
  • High in Vitamin E – 1 cup of almond contains 49% of the RDI of Vitamin E, whereas cow’s milk contains none.
  • Small Amount of Almond Oil – Almond milk is 1% almond oil, which contains oleic acid. Oleic acid has been found to be heart-healthy.

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What are the Benefits of Organic, Grass-fed Cow’s Milk?

Organic, grass-fed cow’s milk is a nutritional powerhouse. For this reason, I’m using this for comparison. It may cost a little more than mass-produced milk, but the health benefits are well worth it! You’re just not going to get these benefits in almond milk, including:

  • grass fed organic cows milk - grass-fed cowIt’s Anti-Inflammatory – Cow’s milk has a great ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6, which you don’t have with almond milk. This helps prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  • It has Conjugated Linoleic Acid – CLA has been shown to help prevent carcinogenesis (cancer development). Plus CLA boosts your metabolism!
  • Fat is Good – The higher fat content of cow’s milk is actually good for you.  Combined with the proteins and amino acids, cow’s milk helps keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time.
  • Naturally Nutritious – Unlike almond milk, cow’s milk is naturally high in several vitamins and minerals, including  vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.
  • Packed with Healthy Digestive Enzymes – Raw, organic, grass-fed milk is jam-packed with digestive enzymes that help your body digest protein effectively. In fact, even those with lactose intolerance can often drink raw milk, without issue, because of these enzymes. However, once pasteurized (exposed to heat), these enzymes are killed off.
  • Naturally Sustainable – Grass-fed, free-range dairy cows allow natural grasslands to be just what nature intended them to be. Other wildlife and vegetation can live side-by-side, as opposed to the decimation of natural land for almond orchards.

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