A Fitness Transformation Inspiration

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot dry, boring health and fitness content on the Web. Sure, a lot of it has great info and can be a valuable resource. However, when I come across a post that’s not only has great advice but is also entertainingly written… well, that’s a rare gem!

Check out Running 4 Meyer’s post about her personal weight loss and fitness journey. Her success is just what I love reading!

running 4 meyer timeline fitness motivation

Plus, this post pulls no punches!

People want to know what my secret is, well here it is:

Get off your ass and work for what you want.  ~Running4Meyer.com


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After you’re done reading how running and complete nutritional overhaul led to Running4Meyer’s success, check out some of our favorite motivational quotes below, to get you even more inspired to help you along your own, personal fitness journey.

workout motivation

workout motivation quotes

workout motivation quote

workout motivation quote

workout motivation quote

workout motivation quote




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