5 Natural Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Supplements

The Dr. Oz show featured green coffee bean extract in 2012. It didn’t take long for many people to get curious about this weight loss supplement.

5 Natural Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Supplements

Today, it’s a popular diet pill sold worldwide. However, most consumers don’t know it has many other benefits.

If you haven’t heard of this weight loss supplement, you should seriously check out our post! Here’s what we learned about green coffee pills.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

What is Green Coffee Bean ExtractGreen coffee bean extract comes from unroasted Coffea Arabica beans. It has chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that fights cancer. It’s the main ingredient for boosting metabolism and weight loss.

How Different is Green Coffee Bean Extract from Regular Coffee Beans?

How is Different is Green Coffee Bean Extract from Regular CoffeeGreen coffee extract has more chlorogenic acid. Sadly, roasting removes most of this acid. Your regular cup of joe still has antioxidants, but it doesn’t have the same effects as green coffee supplements.

What are the Natural Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee pills offer a host of benefits. From regulating blood pressure to supporting weight loss, it keeps your body healthy. Here are five natural benefits of taking green coffee pills.

5 Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Supplements infographic 

1. Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels

For anyone worried about high blood sugar, this can definitely work for you! Taking green coffee bean supplements is good for diabetics. A study in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2003 shows it lessens carb absorption in the gut. This regulates healthy blood sugar in your system. It’s a great way to keep blood spikes in check.

2. Regulates Healthy Blood Pressure 

Taking green coffee bean supplements improves hypertension. It also lowers the risk of heart disease. If you’re struggling with high blood, this supplement helps manage it. Hypertension is common among the elderly and overweight. Doctors tested chlorogenic acid on rats and humans. Results showed taking 140-720 mg of green coffee supplements improved their condition.

3. Boosts metabolism to support weight loss

A healthy metabolism helps your body block excess fat. Green coffee supplements help increase your liver’s metabolic rate. Studies show taking these supplements can help you lose 10 percent of your body weight in 22 weeks. A related study also showed chlorogenic acid improves the body’s fat burning function.

4. Helps fight breast cancer

Lower your risk of breast cancer by taking this supplement! It’s loaded with antioxidants that promote cell renewal. According to The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, chlorogenic acid helps the body respond better to cancer treatment. It helps keep your body cancer-free. 

5. Promotes healthy cholesterol levels 

Worried about high cholesterol? Green coffee bean pills lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels. People in their middle age usually start having problems with blood circulation. This is caused by plaque buildup in the arteries. Taking these supplements help lower the risk of heart failure. Better circulation helps your body feel more energized.

Based on these facts, green coffee supplements can really improve your health. Before taking them, make sure to consult your doctor especially if you have a pre-existing condition. More importantly, remember: no food supplement can match the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

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