5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Need help preparing a nutritious breakfast? We’ve got 5 delicious and healthy breakfast ideas for you!

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

If you’re looking for delicious, healthy breakfast ideas, then this article is for you! Whether you’re looking for Paleo breakfast ideas, Keto breakfast ideas or just low-carb in general breakfast ideas, we have gathered some basic, easy to prepare breakfast recipes that should make your mornings a little bit happier and set you off on the right, healthy foot for the rest of the day!

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1 – Breakfast Burgers

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas - breakfast burgerDid you ever think you could have burgers for breakfast?

Yes, you can!

Burgers aren’t just for lunch or dinner. Use grass-fed, organic beef or organic chicken or turkey or organic bison for the healthiest patty. Skip the bun, and simply wrap your burger and fixin’s in a large lettuce leaf.

You can even do a “reverse” burger! Use two thin patties as the bun, and stuffing your delicious toppings in between.

Of course, you can use traditional toppings on your breakfast burger, or make it feel more like breakfast by topping your patty with an egg. All that protein is going to keep you fueled all morning long!

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2 – Guacamole Eggs

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas - guacamole eggsGuacamole is a great way to start the day: creamy, rich in healthy fats and tasty! Make your eggs your favorite way – then top with guac!  Add some salsa to kick up the flavor, or top with less traditional healthy toppings, like fresh mushrooms or even some fresh, diced mango.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3 – Breakfast Salad

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas - breakfast saladI know. You were looking at me skeptically with the breakfast burger, but now… salad?!?

Trust me – salad is a great way to start your day, as long as you pack it with protein!

Start with your favorite leafy greens, then add grilled chicken, crispy bacon, and some sliced hard-boiled egg. Add some sliced strawberries and almonds and top with a strawberry-yogurt dressing (Recipe here!).

Healthy Breakfast Idea #4 – Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs!

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas - egg and eggsA few decades ago, eggs got a really bad wrap. “Don’t eat eggs!” the US government screamed… of course, they were also screaming, “Eat a high-carb diet!” and that made America fatter and sicker than it has ever been, so let’s take what the government recommends with a grain (or heaping tablespoon) of salt. :-)

So, yes, EGGS! are the perfect healthy breakfast.  Whether you like your eggs sunny side up or scrambled super-hard or served as an omelet, mix in a variety of your favorite veggies and even add extra protein – bacon, ham, turkey, chicken, even shrimp or other seafood!

Healthy Breakfast Idea #5 – Chia Pudding

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas - chia puddingChia pudding reminds me of tapioca pudding. Topped with berries and it becomes a healthy breakfast that feels like you’re indulging in dessert! Chia seeds offer a ton of nutrients for very little calories.

Check out a great chia pudding recipe HERE.



So, what’s your favorite healthy breakfast idea? Post in the comments below!

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