Do I Really Need to Hire a Personal Trainer? If So, How Do I Choose One?

Do I really need to hire a personal trainer?

That’s a question  a lot of people on a fitness journey ask. Then, once they decide they would like a personal trainer, the question becomes…

How do I choose a personal trainer?

Those are very good questions!

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

9 Reasons People Hire Personal TrainersMany factors come into the equation when deciding whether to hire a personal trainer. The task can seem daunting. However, there are basic things you can ask yourself that will help you develop a starting point on whether or personal trainer is right for you – and if so, how to choose a good one.

  • Am I OK with being told what to do? And, am I willing to follow advice from an expert? – This is probably the biggest question you need to honestly ask yourself. If you’re not willing to follow the advice the trainer gives you, then save your money.
  • Do you need help staying committed? – If you’ve had a hard time being consistent in your fitness journey in the past, a personal trainer is perfect for keeping you accountable!
  • Can I afford to pay for a trainer? – Personal trainer rates can vary dramatically. However, if money is tight, think about going in with a friend on a personal trainer. Many will train two people for the same price (or only slightly more) as one.

If you’ve answered “Yes” to all of these questions, then you’re going to benefit from a personal trainer!

Why Do People Hire Personal Trainers?

People hire trainers for a wide variety of reasons. Nine general reasons people hire a personal trainer are as follows:

  • Lose weight
  • Build muscle
  • Learn proper form
  • Physical therapy
  • Strength/stamina
  • Diet and exercise planning
  • General health/monitoring
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

9 Reasons People Hire Personal Trainers infographic

Should I Use a Private or Commercial Personal Trainer?

9 Reasons People Hire Personal TrainersDifferent types of people like different types of training environments. If you don’t like to be seen when you exercise, you may not like training in a public franchise gym. There are trainers who either have a personal gym they train in or will be willing to train in your home gym or outside at a park, if the equipment and atmosphere are conducive. There are three basic types of gyms. They are as follows:

  • Public gyms
  • Private gyms
  • Home gyms

Price of Personal Trainers – Certification vs Degree

9 Reasons People Hire Personal TrainersHiring a personal trainer will cost anywhere from approximately $20 per session to $300 per session, depending on the area and trainer. There are both trainers with degrees in fitness related majors and trainers with basic certifications in fitness related topics. Both can be prove beneficial if you are careful in your selection.

If you are one of those people who already have a basic body awareness, you will find it much easier to catch on in the beginning. Some quick tips for things to look for when interviewing and hiring a personal trainer are as follows:

  • Certified trainer (or Degree)
  • Has experience in the fitness area you’re interested in (Example: weight loss, bodybuilding, marathon training, etc.)
  • Clean gym and equipment
  • Price you can afford
  • Training schedule that fits into your schedule
  • No up-sale pressure (They’re there to train you – not just sell you supplements or shakes.)
  • Positive feedback from previous customers

Talking with previous customers is SUPER-important! Ask a potential trainer for referrals! Ask each referral what they liked about working with the trainer, what results (if any) they got and (most importantly) what they DISLIKED about working with the trainer.

9 Reasons People Hire Personal Trainers

Be sure to be honest with your trainer about any special circumstances you may have such as a bad back, knee injuries or other ailments that could potentially cause risk of injury. Whether you need a nutrition plan developed, fitness routine designed and tracked or you just need to be motivated, there is a trainer out there that will help you see it through.

Have you used a personal trainer?
If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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  1. I have used a personal trainer and I loved her. She always gave helpful and positive feedback, plus she is funny. I’m willing to let anyone kick my butt if they are funny. She always gave me personalized workout plans that I would use for a month and then would ask me what I would like to keep, change, or stop. This really helped me with my goals.

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