How to Do Burpees

Amp up your cardio workout and tone your entire body by doing Burpees!

How to Do Burpees

Get a full-body strength training exercise when you do Burpees! If you want to do a killer workout that will really make you sweat and burn calories, this is the excellent exercise for you. It tightens and tones your arms, chest, glutes, and ab muscles. Just follow these steps to do this exercise!

How to Do Burpees

  1. Begin in a standing position and lower your body by squatting down. Bend your knees and plant your hands on the floor.
  2. Kick your legs back to assume a traditional push up position.
  3. Lower your chest to do a push up then lift your chest back up.
  4. With your hands firmly on the ground, make your feet jump forward. They should land just below where you placed your hands on the floor.
  5. Continue moving by standing up. Then jump and reach as high as you can with your hands. This completes 1 rep.
  6. Lower your body slowly to put your hands on the floor. Again, assume a traditional push up position.
  7. Repeat the exercise within 10 to 15 seconds or for as long as you can.

Watch this video below for a full demo:

Amp up your workout routine and try this exercise today!

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