How to Do Squat Presses with Dumbbells

Step up your arm and glute workout by doing Squat Presses with Dumbells!

How to Do Squat Presses with Dumbbells

Work every muscle group in your body by doing Squat Presses! Also called Squat to Shoulder Presses, this exercise is great for strengthening and conditioning your body. It tightens your buttocks, works your ab muscles and tones your arms and legs. Just follow these instructions to do this workout.

How to Do Squat Presses with Dumbbells

  1. Start in a standing position with a dumbbell in each hand. Your feet should be slightly farther apart than your shoulders.
  2. Raise the dumbbells upward as high as your eye level. While holding the dumbbells, your palms should be facing each other with your elbows pointing forward.
  3. Then, raise the dumbbells above your head. Turn your wrists. Your palms should now be facing forward instead of each other.
  4. Lower your body and bend your knees into a squatting position. Again, hold the dumbbells with your palms facing each other. This time, it should be held at the level of your shoulders. This completes 1 rep.
  5. Lift your body back up and raise the dumbbells above your head.
  6. Repeat the entire exercise within 10 to 15 seconds or for as long as you can.

Watch the short instructional video from Tactical Workouts. In this version, the trainer constantly holds the dumbbells with his palms facing each other. For our version, when you raise the dumbbells over your head, make sure to turn your wrists so your palms would face forward.

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Challenge yourself and try this workout today!

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