How to Do Weighted Squat Presses

Get an awesome booty exercise by doing Weighted Squat Presses!

How to Do Weighted Squat PressesTighten your booty, thighs and hamstrings with Weighted Squat Presses! It’s one of the best exercises for strengthening and shaping your buttocks and inner thighs. Weighted Squat Presses add more intensity to your workout, so expect to feel the burn even in just a couple of minutes.

This glute workout uses weights to apply more impact as you move your hips and thighs downward. It even helps develop core strength, helping tighten your ab muscles with every move.

To try this exercise, just follow these instructions.

How to Do Weighted Squat Presses

*This workout requires a weight of some kind. This can be a dumbbell, kettlebell or even a gallon milk jug filled with water or sand. (Remember, water weighs 8 lbs/gallon.)

  1. In a standing position, place your feet apart. It should be a bit wider apart than your shoulders.
  2. With both hands, hold one end of the dumbbell firmly with your palms facing upward. Your arms must be extended downward.
  3. Then, bend your knees to do a squat. Make sure to engage your core and butt muscles.
  4. Slowly raise your body to a standing position. This completes 1 rep.
  5. Repeat this exercise within 10 to 15 seconds or as many times as you can.

Watch this video for a quick demo:

Challenge yourself and try this workout today!

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