An Awesome Ab Workout

Wondering what kind of ab workout routine you need to achieve a solid six-pack? Learn the key to awesome abs right here!

An Awesome Ab WorkoutThe topic of achieving great abs is far from a new topic, and there are endless variations of ab-targeted workouts.  The best ab workouts work out your entire abs as a whole (the core) and pinpoints the separate abdominal muscles individually, including the upper, middle and lower oblique muscle groups. The type of ab workout that is best for you depends on your goals and current physical capabilities. You need to make note of any physical limitations that would make getting into certain positions more difficult. By nature, all human bodies respond differently to stimuli, therefore, no one workout is perfect for everybody.

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Body-Fat Burn: The Key to Awesome Abs

The first thing to understand about getting great abs is it requires:

  • diet control,
  • cardio and
  • overall body-fat burn.

If you are not sweating, you are not losing body-fat. Working your abs alone will not remove all of your belly fat. So, you need to ask yourself, “Why am I targeting my abs; appearance or strength?” This fact will make all the difference in which ab workout you choose.

Great abs combine strengthening your ab muscles,
while reducing body fat, so you can actually see that six-pack!

When it comes to abdominal muscles, some body types may not show progress as quickly as others may. It may take some time to see progress, if you have a higher fat content when beginning an ab workout. Adding increasing amounts of weight to your ab regimen will build muscle mass and strength, as well as make them pop visually.

Don’t Forget Your Back When Doing an Ab Workout

Most everything we encounter involves a yin and yang – a counterpart that helps keep the world in balance, and the human body is no different. Because the abdominal and back muscles are responsible for posture, it is important to work your back and your abs evenly. This also applies to other muscle groups.

All-Around Ab Throw-Down

We put together an ab blasting routine combining some of the more effective techniques out there. This workout combines core strengthening and targeted abdominal muscle work, in one inclusive routine. Think, steady breathing and core engaged, powerful movements and work through the steps in one continuous workout. Let’s take a closer look:

Warm Up

  • 10 to 15 minutes of cardio – run, cycle, etc. – you should break a light sweat, but not be exhausted

Prone Knee to Elbow Alternations

(Add leg and arm weights for mass)

  1.  Do 4 pushups then hold for 4 seconds
  2.  Bring your right knee to your left elbow
  3.  Return to prone position
  4.  Extend, then raise your right leg and left arm
  5.  Return to prone position
  6.  Do 4 pushups then hold 4 seconds
  7.  Repeat on the opposite side

Here’s the proper positioning for the prone knee to elbow portion of this part of the routine. Add the leg and arm raises, between each knee-to-elbow.

Side Plank Raises Obliques

  1.  Rotate into side plank position, bracing yourself with your right forearm and your hip against the ground
  2.  Raise your hip off the ground with your core engaged
  3.  Hold for 10 seconds and then release
  4.  Repeat 10 times
  5.  Repeat on the opposite side

Supine Leg Lifts

  1.  Roll onto your back
  2.  Bend your knees, keeping your feet on the ground
  3.  Reach for your heels 10 times
  4.  Lift your legs and hold them just off the ground
  5.  Now raise your torso to a crunch position
  6.  With your arms extended in front of you, extend your legs outward (leaning forward), hold for two seconds, and inward (leaning backward), hold for 2 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Cool Down Stretch

    • Lie face down, with your arms in the push up position. Slowly straighten your arms and raise your torso. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

We recommend speaking with your physician before adding any new workout to your schedule. Modifications to this ab workout are an excellent way to customize them for your specific workout needs.

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