How to Do the Warrior III

Relax your mind and improve your balance by doing the Warrior III!

How to Do the Warrior III

Strengthen your back muscles and improve your stability by doing the Warrior III yoga pose. This position also tones and stretches your shoulders, hamstrings and ankles. It’s a great exercise that improves your full-body coordination as well as your posture and balance.

The Warrior III is an excellent move that builds and strengthens your knees. It tones the main muscles in your lowers body, including your quadriceps which are responsible for keeping your knees stable. Moreover, it improves your body’s endurance, and relieves pressure on your hip muscles.

Just follow these steps to try this move!

How to Do the Warrior III

  1. Stand with your feet together. Place your arms to your side. Note: this pose traditionally starts from the Warrior I position.
  2. Raise one leg straight back with your toes pointed. Keep your other foot planted firmly on the floor.
  3. Extend both your arms forward. Stretch your body forward and work towards bringing your torso parallel to the floor. Keep your core muscles engaged to help you balance your upper body.
  4. Keep your gaze down and relax your neck. Hold this position and take deep breaths.
  5. Step your raised foot down on the floor while putting your hands together. Then raise your arms up.
  6. Hold this pose and take deep breaths.

Challenge yourself and try this yoga move today!

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