How to Do the Cobra Pose

Relax and stretch your way to fitness with the Cobra Pose!

How to Do the Cobra Pose

Improve your back flexibility while strengthening your arms and shoulders with the Cobra Pose! This yoga workout helps ease stiffness in your lower back and even firms and tighten your glutes. It’s also a great exercise that will help calm your mood.¬†Aside stretching your spine, it’s also a good exercise for your chest and shoulders. It actually helps open up your lungs and is therapeutic for people with asthma. The Cobra Pose is also used to stimulate abdominal organs to help improve digestion.

To try this yoga position, just follow these steps.

How to Do the Cobra Pose

  1. Lie down with your stomach on the floor and your arms on your side.
  2. Take your arms and place your palms on the floor. They should be next to your chest with your elbows bent and tucked close to your sides. Take note: the tips of your fingers should be aligned with the tops of your shoulders.
  3. Slowly lift your chest up from the floor. Keep your neck relaxed and draw your shoulder blades back.
  4. Press your hands on the ground to lift yourself higher. Start looking upward.
  5. Hold this position and take deep breaths. To release the pose, simply lower your chest down.

Get moving and try this yoga move today!

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