How to Do the Fire Log Pose

Relieve muscle tension and stress by doing the Fire Log Pose!

How to Do the Fire Log Pose

This relaxing yoga move strengthens your legs and calves. It even stretches your groins and buns gently to help you move with more flexibility. The Fire Log Pose even opens and stretches your hips to relieve tension while you’re seated all day. It’s a great way to relieve anxiety, tension and stress.┬áIt also stimulates your abdominal organs and helps tone your back.

Just remember to keep a straight posture as you breathe deeply. To try this yoga position, just follow these steps.

How to Do the Fire Log Pose

  1. Begin by sitting on the floor with your legs together. Place your arms on your side.
  2. Spread your legs and bend one knee inward and bend the other leg and place it over your thigh. For instance, if you bend your left knee inward, you should bend your right knee and place it on top of your left thigh.
  3. Relax your knees and your shoulders. Place your hands to your sides or on top of your thighs. Make sure your back remains straight.
  4. Hold the position and take deep breaths.

Ease muscle tension and try this yoga pose today!

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