How to Do the Happy Baby Pose

Open up your hips and inner thighs by practicing the Happy Baby Pose! This great yoga workout provides a gentle workout for your back and hamstrings.

How to Do the Happy Baby Pose

The Happy Baby Pose is a great stretching exercise for your back muscles. If you’re looking to release pain and tension in your lower back, this is the perfect yoga pose for you. This relaxing move stretches and soothes the spine for improved posture. Moreover, it helps relieve stress and fatigue after a long busy day. The Happy Baby Pose is effective in opening¬† tight muscles in your hips, inner thighs and groin. It also stretches your hamstrings and even relieves muscle tension in your chest and shoulders.

It may look like a modern pose, but the Happy Baby Pose is actually in the traditional Hatha yoga text. Fun fact: it’s called “ananda balasana” in Hindi, or happy baby in English. Today it’s a very popular pose done in contemporary yoga practice. To do this yoga move, just follow these steps.

How to Do the Happy Baby Pose

  1. Begin by lying on the floor with your back and your legs together. Place your arms on your side.
  2. Open your legs and bend your knees. Raise them up and try to get them as close as you can to your chest.
  3. Hold the toes of your feet with your fingers. Your elbows should be resting on your shins. Place your right hand should hold your the big toe on your right foot, while your left hand should hold the big toe on your left foot.
  4. Try to pull your feet to go lower. This will spread your legs wider apart.
  5. Hold the pose and take deep breaths.

Try this relaxing yoga pose today!

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