The New Anti-Aging Treatment: Transfusing Young Blood to Reverse Aging

Startups are now doing research to reverse aging and prolong life.

The New Anti-Aging Treatment Transfusing Young Blood to Reverse Aging

The treatment? You heard it right! Getting blood transfusions from young donors. What seems like the stuff of fiction is now possible with biotechnology.

We all know the myth: vampires take fresh blood to remain immortal. Only this time, it has nothing to do with ancient legends. Companies are now testing and transfusing young blood to old people. It may seem strange, but tests show young blood can reverse aging.

The New Anti-Aging Treatment: Transfusing Young Blood to Reverse Aging

Transfusing Young Blood to Reverse Aging - Lab Tests in RatsWanda Ruth Lunsford first discovered young blood’s anti-aging effects. She did so while experimenting on a young rat and old rat. The rats were tied together to share the same blood supply for weeks.

The results? The old rat’s heart became stronger and it’s muscles got bigger. It’s fur even turned dark. For this reason, Lunsford believes young blood could reverse aging. Her findings were not popular, but scientists found her research compelling.

Other experts also did similar experiments. In 2014, Tony Wyss-Coray discovered that blood from young mice reversed brain impairment in old mice. He also noticed young blood plasma improved memory in mice. In a another research, scientists learned transfusing old blood into young mice made them age faster.

Transfusing Young Blood to Reverse Aging

All these studies showed great promise to reverse aging. It’s no surprise companies are financing research to learn how young blood can reverse aging in humans.


Companies Fund Transfusion Trials to Treat Aging

Transfusing Young Blood to Reverse Aging - Middle Aged Woman

Ambrosia, owned by Jesse Karmazin, is now exploring how young blood plasma counters aging. Karmazin said, “Aging isn’t treatable with conventional approaches. It’s pretty clear we need a paradigm shift.”

To get a full study, they intend to get 600 volunteers. The company gathers blood plasma from donors aged 16 to 25 years old. Then, plasma is transfused to people who want to participate in the treatment. To date, most of their participants are members of the tech industry.

The cost to take part in the test? A whopping US$8,000 per infusion.

Many say it’s too expensive. However, Karmazin believes it’s a small price to pay. It’s worth it once they find a breakthrough to reverse aging.

Transfusing Young Blood to Reverse Aging - Young Blood PlasmaAnother biotech company, Alkahest, is testing doses of young plasma to Alzheimer’s patients. It’s funded with millions of dollars by the world’s biggest plasma supplier. Alkahest also plans on creating their very own plasma-based infusions to stop using bags.

Moreover, other companies in Korea and China are also doing the research. But unlike their Western counterparts, these startups don’t have the same large funds.

Finally, tech superstar Peter Thiel invests huge funds in the anti-aging research. His obsession to prolong human life drives him to help companies find the cure for aging. Thiel invests millions of dollars on all sorts of anti-aging studies, including 3-D printers for organ replacement and gene editing.

Anti-Aging Blood Transfusions for Everyone

Transfusing Young Blood to Reverse Aging - Old Man Getting Anti-aging InfusionCan people legally get blood transfusions to fight aging? Again, it may seem unlikely, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved using blood for off-label prescriptions. However, they specify that the results “should not be guaranteed.”

Most of the funds for this anti-aging research comes from the tech industry. FDA approval together with solid support from Silicon Valley makes blood a great anti-aging treatment. But only for now. It’s high cost shows only the rich can really afford it.

Right now, it’s the best we can hope for. However, in the future, we hope more research can be done to legitimize blood as an anti-aging treatment. By then, we really hope everyone can have access to it.

What do you think of blood as an anti-aging treatment? Will you try it in the future?

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