10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy

Like everyone else, there are days when I have low energy. I’d be so dull and sluggish that I’d miss quality time with family and friends. I’d skip fun events because I was too tired to do anything. It was a total bummer! That’s when I decided to find ways to fight fatigue.

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy

Balancing work, school and many other activities is all part of the grind. With so many things to do on our plate, it’s easy to get lost in our fast-paced lives.

It’s no wonder we’re spent after a busy day.

Fatigue is NOT your usual “I’m tired” feeling. It’s a combination of being mentally and physically tired. Lack of energy keeps you from being sharp and productive. It also hinders you from living a healthier life.

If you’re wondering why you lack energy, you should assess your current lifestyle. The good news is you can start doing little changes to turn it around.

To help you out, we made a short guide to help you fight fatigue. Check out these tips to gain your energy back!

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy

1. Always stay hydrated.

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Stay Hydrated

Are you drinking enough water? Feeling sluggish can sometimes be due to dehydration. This can cause muscle fatigue and lack of focus. Dehydration impairs physical function and zaps your body of energy. It even lowers blood volume—making your heart work harder to pump blood. How do you know if you’re drinking enough? Check the color of your urine. If it’s dark yellow, that means you need to hydrate! Tip: avoid sodas, juices and sugary drinks. Make sure to go for water instead.

2. Get more active!

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Get Active

Exercise is the last thing on our mind when we’re tired. However, getting active is a great way to boost energy and fight fatigue! Many studies show working out improves your body’s efficiency. Just think of it this way. You sit all day in the office barely moving your muscles. This routine eventually makes your muscles weak. But if you exercise regularly, your muscles get stronger. This gives you more energy and keeps you from feeling tired! Doing cardio also improves your heart and lung health.

3. Make sure to sleep early.

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Sleep Early

When it comes to fighting fatigue, you should get the right amount of sleep! We’re talking at least 7 hours of quality sleep. That means continuous, uninterrupted sleep for the entire night. What you need to do is develop healthy sleeping habits. Go to bed early. Try to sleep at the same time every night. Avoid watching TV, reading or using your cellphone in bed. It also helps to cover your windows or remove night lights that disturb your sleep. These simple tips will help you establish rhythm for healthy sleeping habits. Still tired during the day? It helps to take a 10-minute nap. This will boost your energy and help you regain focus. Avoid naps longer than 30 minutes or you’ll have trouble sleeping at night.

4. Avoid high-carb, sugary foods.

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Avoid Sweets

Keep your energy levels stable by cutting out sugary foods! Snacking on cupcakes and doughnuts may give you temporary energy, but it will definitely drain your energy stores. Eating sugary, high-carb foods causes your blood sugar to rise fast. What’s bad: it goes down with a slump! You’ll feel more tired because of the sugar crash. Consuming processed sweets also increases your risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Instead of sugary foods, choose healthier snacks. Replace sweets with lean meat, fruits and veggies. Make an effort to get nutritious meals that are filling and not fattening.

5. Make serious diet improvements!

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Fix Your Diet

Which brings us to number 5—a huge part of your energy depends on your diet. Eating a balance diet will help you fight fatigue! If you keep eating greasy take-out, processed food and sweets, you’ll really feel tired all the time. Unhealthy processed food won’t give you the energy you need to last the day. Instead, choose organic veggies and lean meat rich in iron. Add more fruits and fresh ingredients into your diet. Another tip: avoid skipping meals! Don’t deprive yourself or go on crash diets. Starving messes up your metabolism. It even dips your blood sugar levels, making you feel weak and sleepy during the day. Make sure to eat on a regular schedule to maintain your energy levels.

 6. Manage your stress levels and make time to relax.

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Manage Your Stress, Relax

Overwork is one of the main causes of fatigue. This involves stress from school, professional projects and all sorts of social obligations. Ask yourself: “Am I putting unnecessary stress in my life?.” If you’ve bitten more than you can chew, learn how to step back. Streamline your task list and learn to prioritize. Make time to rest and do relaxing activities. Engage in fun hobbies that will take your mind off the stress. Whether it’s yoga, running or hanging out with your friends, learn to take a break.  Trust me. You should take care of yourself before attending to others. Constant worrying drains your energy and can lead to burnout.

7. Lose the excess weight.

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Lose Excess Weight

Boost your energy levels by losing excess pounds! Losing extra weight improves your mood and increases vigor. This means daily activities in school or the office won’t easily make you tired. Packing on extra pounds slows metabolism and makes you feel sluggish. When you’re not in the mood to do anything, you’re more likely to avoid exercise. So start fixing your diet! Cut back on portion size, eat a balanced diet and do more physical activities. Just take it one step at a time. You got this! For more weight loss tips, check out our fitness article to help you lose  pounds.

8. Don’t smoke / quit smoking!

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Quit Smoking

Are you a regular smoker? If so, it’s time to quit the habit! Some people think smoking gives them energy and calms them down. These are all misconceptions. In fact, there are many reasons why smoking cigarettes make you feel tired. For one, smoking reduces lung capacity. This means you breathe in less oxygen compared to non-smokers. Less oxygen in your lungs, organs and muscles eventually causes fatigue. Moreover, your heart rate increases by 30 percent when you smoke. This makes your heart work harder to supply blood to your body. The bottom line: smoking weakens your heart!

9. Limit your alcohol intake.

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Limit Alcohol Intake

Drinking too much alcohol affects your energy levels. It’s another lifestyle habit that can seriously make you tired. Alcoholic drinks are sedatives, which is why they make you feel drowsy after a few of glasses. This is also why people think it’s good to have a few drinks before bedtime. Though it’s common belief, it’s actually a bad idea. Drinking before bedtime disrupts the quality of your sleep. Alcohol is also a diuretic, which makes you wake up at night to pee. You’re more likely to wake up tired and dehydrated in the morning. So kick the habit! Avoid drinking wine, beer or any type of liquor close to your bedtime.

10. Have yourself checked for any medical conditions.

10 Great Ways to Fight Fatigue and Boost Your Energy - Consult Your Doctor

Apart from an unhealthy lifestyle, fatigue may be a symptom of illness. If you still feel unusually tired, make sure to consult your doctor to rule out any ailments. Fatigue can be caused by many illnesses, including diabetes, iron deficiency anemia and thyroid problems. Remember, It’s always better to get an official diagnosis from a medical practitioner. Have yourself checked soon to get the right treatment.

There you have it! Take note of this list to help you fight fatigue and boost your energy. Once you make these simple lifestyle changes, you’ll surely feel its positive effects on your body.

It’s also important to remember that health and fitness is a lifelong commitment. Stick to a healthy lifestyle and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a good, long life.

What lifestyle changes will you make to fight fatigue and gain more energy?
Tell us about it in the comments below!

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