Freshly: Healthy Delivered Meals for People On-the-go

Want nutritious and tasty meals, but have no time to cook? Here’s how Freshly provides healthy delivered meals so you don’t have to worry about cooking.

Freshly, Healthy Delivered Meals for People On-the-Go

I love home-cooked meals!

My mom used to cook hearty gourmet dishes when I was a kid. I always looked forward to her cooking, which was so much tastier than frozen meals and bland fastfood.

But now that I live on my own, I don’t enjoy the same yummy dishes. Though I make an effort to cook healthier meals, I just don’t have time to cook everyday.

Let’s be honest . Sometimes we’re just too busy to plan healthy meals.

I don’t always have time to go to the grocery, cook and clean up after work. When this happens, I’m tempted to go to a restaurant. But then, it’s not a practical option. I don’t want to spend unreasonable amounts of money just to have a satisfying dinner. Plus, not every restaurant offers healthy, gluten-free options on their menu.

So, what can we do? Here’s how Freshly can make a huge difference in your life!

Freshly: Healthy Delivered Meals for People On-the-go

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Freshly Healthy Delivered Meals - Arrives Fresh Not Frozen

Freshly provides healthy delivered meals straight to your home. Unlike other meal subscriptions that still require you to cook, Freshly makes nutritious pre-packed meals that are ready to eat within 3 minutes. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave and it’s ready to eat!

Okay, so it’s microwaved food. I had my reservations too. But all that faded away once I tasted their dishes. For something you heat in the the microwave, Freshly meals taste really delicious! It’s so good I honestly think people won’t be able to tell it came from the microwave.

Freshly Healthy Delivered Meals - All Natural Ingredients

Moreover, I personally think Freshly is great when you need a break from eating the usual diet food. I know I can only eat so much chicken breast in a week. It’s always better to have lots of choices when it comes to healthy meals.

Apart from scrumptious food, you’re sure your meals are made with healthy ingredients. Freshly has a team of amazing chefs who only use whole, natural ingredients. You’re sure to get meals packed with nutrient-dense carbs, high-quality proteins and heart-healthy fats.

If you’re worried about sugar content and gluten, Freshly meals are 100% gluten-free and peanut-free with no refined sugars. Their friendly staff makes sure your meals arrive fresh and never frozen. Freshly meals are good to eat within 4-5 days and come with a best before seal.

How Does Freshly Work?Freshly Healthy Delivered Meals - sample entrees

All you have to do is go to their website and sign up. Freshly has a neatly designed site that’s easy to use, so you can order healthy meals in no time. Take note: Freshly only delivers to selected states. Once you sign up with your email and zip code, you’ll get a confirmation message if they deliver in your area.

1. Choose Your Meal Plan

Freshly provides meals on a weekly basis. How many meals do you want? You can choose from 4, 6, 9 or 12 healthy meals a week. Need a higher meal plan? You can always shift your plan if you’ll need more meals in the coming week.

 2. Schedule Your Delivery Date

Trust Freshly to deliver meals throughout the week. Just pick a day you want your meals delivered. I prefer having mine delivered on Mondays, while my friend gets hers every Friday. But, what if you’re not home? If you’re out when your order arrives, the box will keep for another 12 hours.

3. Order Healthy Meals

You can choose from more than 25 healthy entrees including breakfast meals. They also introduce new dishes every couple of weeks. They even provide ratings for each dish, so you’ll know which entrees are most enjoyed by customers.

Is Freshly Worth It? The Answer: YES!

Freshly Healthy Delivered Meals - more time with the familyFreshly is the ideal option if you have a busy lifestyle. It’s great for people who don’t enjoy cooking or cleaning up after a long, hectic day. It’s also a convenient and healthy meal option for moms who need help preparing meals.

If you can’t cook for your family over the weekend, you should definitely try Freshly and have healthy delivered meals to your home. It will help save you time and energy. Yes, that’s extra time you can spend with your family and doing personal activities. Apart from nutritious meals, that’s a benefit everyone can really enjoy.

Do you think Freshly can work for you? Will you give it a try?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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